Centralize Your Social and Business Community

officemediumOfficeMedium is a web-based collaborative suite and office intranet providing you and your team with a centralized solution for most of your daily business and communication needs. It provides a very simplistic approach to the common business software requirements. Unlike most business software, This application is easy to use and stripped of over-complicated, unnecessary clutter. Unfortunately its not free but you can experience a 30 day trial to see if it worth purchasing. A long list of features says that you must try it.



CollaborateCentralized Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with your employees, colleagues, or team in one, centralized platform. No more scattered emails, lost files, and missed due dates.

Social & CommunicationSocial Platform

Features such as user profiles, status updates, messaging, activity feeds and more, create an interactive and useful social platform.


Store all of your files, contacts, companies, resources, tasks, events, and more, in an organized, tag gable, searchable manner, using an intuitive interface.

Client IntegrationClient Integration

Create secure accounts for your clients and outsiders to access and use your system while giving them limited access to only what they are allowed to see.


Your private network is only accessible by who you allow in. Enhanced security features such as SSL encryption, firewalls, access controls, and more.

InterfaceIntuitive Interface & Organization

Take advantage of an intuitive, easy-to-use, advanced web interface, filled with features aimed to make organization as seamless as possible.

SearchAdvanced Global Searching

Can you search all of you business’s data and information from a single search box now? Well now you can.

CRMContact Information Management

Store and manage all of your contacts, customers, and companies in which you interact with.

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