Windows Live Writer Tips

windowslivewriter2008 Windows live writer is a very good and easy to use tool for blogger to write from their desktop to their blog with few very important and useful options like table, alignment, insertion of links, insertion of pictures and videos one click publish to the blog and creation of new categories, sub categories, setting up of new tags and also publish date. There are so much other options available like, you can add new plug-ins and make this tool more useful to post on your blog. I like to add some very important options here so that one can use this tool with some extra features provided.

Manage Blog

To manage your blog please follow the under given instructions:

Go to Blogs Menu

and then you can have under given options:

  • View Blog
    Manage Blog
    Edit Blog Settings
    Add new Blog

Add FTP Account

FTP account is required to add new images to your blog so you first need to setup this options on your Windows live writer. Please follow the under given instructions to add an FTP account to windows live writer.

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