Unable To Connect To NetScreen VPN

It can happen if you are using manual VPN connection and trying to connect to any Juniper VPN server from any Windows XP machine. Your system may behave quite normal, everything seems perfect but still you are not able to connect to VPN server. After restarting sometime the system gives the chance to connect to …

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Network Monitoring Tools

If you like to be a network and system administrator geek you must know about the security and network monitoring tools available and being used in the market for a better chance to survive in this competitive market. This is a vast variety of tools available and I would like to share few of them over here, you can find a complete list here.

Network Monitoring Platforms

Aggregate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network/application/performance monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other smart building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC, lighting, and time/attendance control.

Commercial Monitoring Tools, not integrated with an NMP

ActivXperts Network Monitor monitors servers and workstations in your LAN and WAN. The software monitors Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Novell servers for availability.

Network Security Monitoring Tools

Net Detective iPhone application Using low level techniques common to NMap and other powerful network auditing tools, NetDetective will expose open TCP ports, UDP ports, and UPnP/Bonjour services running on your network.

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JUNOS Literature For Dummies

As I promised in my previous post that i will post some material about JUNOS. I found few important and interesting books for JUNIPER Firewall, routers and switches. Use the under given links to download these books and please share your valuable comments and also if there is some problem in downloading these books. I tried to share the links of books without password protection.

 JUNOS For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
by: Michael Bushong, Cathy Gadecki, Aviva Garrett

Language: English

Download: Here

 JNCIA: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate Study Guide
by: Joseph M. Soricelli

Language: English

Download: Here

 JNCIP: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Study Guide
by: Harry Reynolds

Language: English

Download: Here

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Juniper Firewall Basic commands

Juniper Firewall Basic commands

If you like to start working on a hardware firewall I would like to add one thing that your start working on UNIX firewall and make a sound practice of the commands and tricks. Juniper Firewall Basic commands are very much similar to it. If you have a better idea of the UNIX commands and know how to issue a command in UNIX command line then its just a piece of cake to use any firewall of the world. One thing about Juniper firewall is that its totally FreeBSD based firewall so its really easy to start working on it if you know FreeBSD or any other flavor of UNIX. A few days ago one of my client was having some problem with his firewall and I was given the task to look into this matter. I never worked on a hardware firewall from Juniper not even on a router provided by Juniper networks but when I started working, it was not very much difficult to find any data, commands and books about the Juniper networks. Before I logged in, I searched for basic Juniper commands from the web and found on the Juniper website easily in just few minutes and in the very next moment I started working on the firewall. There was nothing unfamiliar to work on a Juniper firewall as I did worked on a FreeBSD firewall.

I know that I am not sharing anything new about Juniper firewall but perhaps someone find these commands useful. These are very basic, simple and easy to follow commands as you can find basic Linux and UNIX commands but they might not work on every Juniper equipment so please visit the juniper website for a detailed command list. I will try to share a book about juniper firewalls and routers later.


get counter statistics Show interface statistics (CRC errors etc)
get interface trust port phy Show physical ports for a certain zone
get driver phy Show all link states of interfaces
get counter statistics interface ethernet3 Show hardware stats on interface
set interface [interface] no-subnet-conflict-check Allows you to configure multiple interfaces in the same IP broadcast domain.

Current Settings / Values

get envar get environment variable
get config get device configuration
get system get system information
get arp get arp cache
get route get routing table
get system | i Box get port-mode
get alg h323 counters get the ALG counters
get alg get status of ALGs (disabled or enabled)
get sys-cfg get default settings for the device
get sys scale get basic system limits
get debug get currently enabled debug level
get tcp get system socket information

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