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Modern IT requires lots of efforts to maintain the network capacity and availability. There is a complete set of five books for ITIL where you can find the standards and basic principles of Information Technologies. How to make sure that IT infrastructure is up and running up to the given percentage of time and the …

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CBT Nuggets: IT Infrastructure Library Foundation (ITIL)

In my previous post about ITIL, I shared a handbook to solve seven IT problems with ease. Its a good news for ITIL lovers, I am going to share ITIL CBT nuggets for under given ITIL domains. Configuration Management Release Management Change Management Problem Management Incident Management Service Desk Support IT Security Management IT Service …

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Download Handbook: The Seven Sources of Problems

Introducing the Seven Sources Model The seven sources model is simply a reference model to help structure your thinking and improvement plans for eliminating Problems within your organization. This is the basic model at the highest level and shows you only the first set of labels for each of the seven sources. This guide based …

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Download Ebook: ITIL Handbook

itil-1 Good news for ITIL lovers. In my last post about ITIL, I shared an SLA preparation guide. Check a very good hand book about ITIL. Even a beginner can read it very easily and understand the framework of ITIL. I am going to share few parts of this handbook just for reference. For complete handbook, please visit the link given at the end of this post.

Service Support

itil-3 Today, IT Helpdesk is the lifeline of any business from small to large, and most IT managers and helpdesk managers are struggling to have an efficient and productive helpdesk. We will focus on this problem here. As ITIL Service Support offers the best practices framework for IT helpdesk, let us see how ITIL can help helpdesk managers and IT managers. ITIL’s IT Service Support Module offers best practices to make sure IT Services are highly available.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise Edition implements these IT Service Support
modules. To download visit the link under given;


Incident Management

itil-4 An incident is a disruption of normal service that affects the user and the business. The goal of Incident Management is to restore IT services to the normal state as soon as possible with workarounds or solutions to make sure that it does not affect business.

It may sound like a sugar-coated sophisticated trouble ticketing system. However, Incident Management tells you how to implement an IT Helpdesk that understands and works to meet business priorities.

Here’s a sample Incident Management workflow. Consider this as a basic format and make changes wherever required.

[download id=”10″]

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Style Guide to prepare an SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Style Guide How to Prepare Copy The SLA Editing and Approval Process Styles from A to Y Words: Spelling, Capitalization, Hyphenation Confusing Words All the above points are discussed very beautifully in the attachment given with this post. [download id=”3″]

ITIL V3 lifecycle (Five Books)

As I wrote in my previous post about ITIL version 3, that is consisting 5 core books. I like to share those books with you guys so if somebody is not able to purchase those very costly books he/she can download these books from under given links. Service strategy Strategy.pdf Service Design Design.pdf …

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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) introduction can be presented in a lot different ways because it is a set of concepts and techniques for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, development, and operations. ITIL is published in a series of books, each of which cover an IT management topic. The names ITIL and IT Infrastructure Library are …

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