3 Quick Ways to Use Windows Remote Desktop

RDP Keyboard shortcut fans always look for valuable keyboard shortcuts of every program. The keyboard lovers may be annoyed when using Remote Desktop the Alt-tab (in full-screen mode) flips among windows within that remote desktop interface, when you may wish to instead use it to get back to your desktop applications. This means that you will first use the mouse and minimize the remote desktop connection and then go to your other desktop opened applications like, Outlook, Internet explorer, MP3 player and others. There is another very good solution to handle this situation precisely by using the keyboard shortcuts under given;

  1. Ctrl+Alt+Break

    (switches Remote Desktop between full screen and windowed mode ). Once the remote desktop connection switched into windowed mode, then you can easily use the alt+tab to switch between the opened desktop applications. Again if you like to use the applications opened inside of the remote desktop connection use the same command to switched to full screen mode and use alt+tab to use those applications.
  2. Alt+PageUp or Alt+PageDown

    Using the keyboard in remote desktop connection in windowed mode is a little tricky because it will behave like a normal windows application and will not allow the user to enter and use the application using the keyboard. So what you will do to use the remote desktop connection with keyboard in windowed mode, probably use the mouse, I would say NO!!. Check these commands, these will help you a lot to use the remote desktop connection in windowed mode Alt-PageUp or Alt-PageDown. Another very good question at this point that how we will go to start menu in windowed mode? the answer is given as under; Use the command alt-home.
  3. Ctrl+Alt+End

    There are still others like Ctrl+Alt+End as an alternative to Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

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