[Solved] 530 User Cannot Log In, home directory inaccessible

[Solved] 530 User Cannot Log In, home directory inaccessible

Operating system and webserver requirements for a secure FTP Server.

  1. Applied Operating system – Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
  2. Web Server – IIS10
  3. TLS Server certificate
  4. Microsoft Windows and any perimeter firewall configuration for FTP inbound ports like 21 etc.

Secure FTP servers are basic requirements for a setup where you need to share the files with the customer and receive the log files. Working with Integrated Windows environment can be problem some time as it comes with many issues related to design, documentation and implementation methods available on vendor websites. Secure FTP server can be configured on IIS10 for Microsoft Windows based environment using the TLS server authentication and TLS/SSL explicit Encryption. This can create lots of problems while configuration when you follow each and every instructions from the above URL and still getting and error “530 User Cannot Log In, home directory inaccessible”.

Above error can occur if you are configuring FTP server on windows 2012 and 2016 server. All the rights and other settings are defined as described in windows official website but still the FTP server is not working. Home directory assigned in FTP server have all the required rights for the user trying to access the FTP server. After searching the Google for around 1 hour I found this solution to assign rights on under given path:


but still no luck.

I deleted the FTP site from IIS and recreated it. after that I restarted the FTP service from windows services and this method worked for me but this might not work for others as at first it didn’t worked for me as well. There is another thing which is not listed on any Microsoft FTP server configuration documentation that when you configure the Secure FTP server with user directory isolation you need to take care of the user name and directory name which must be identical (Same).

e.g. If you have created an account like secure.ftp you must create a directory with the same name otherwise it will not work and give the error “530 User Cannot Log In, home directory inaccessible” while the user try to access the FTP account from any FTP client.

I hope this will help someone and save a valuable time.

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