Network Monitoring Tools

If you like to be a network and system administrator geek you must know about the security and network monitoring tools available and being used in the market for a better chance to survive in this competitive market. This is a vast variety of tools available and I would like to share few of them over here, you can find a complete list here.

Network Monitoring Platforms

Aggregate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network/application/performance monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other smart building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC, lighting, and time/attendance control.

Commercial Monitoring Tools, not integrated with an NMP

ActivXperts Network Monitor monitors servers and workstations in your LAN and WAN. The software monitors Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Novell servers for availability.

Network Security Monitoring Tools

Net Detective iPhone application Using low level techniques common to NMap and other powerful network auditing tools, NetDetective will expose open TCP ports, UDP ports, and UPnP/Bonjour services running on your network.

IP Address Management

Total Network Inventory is a PC audit and Network inventory software for office and large scale enterprise networks. Total Network Inventory interrogates all computers and notebooks on a network and reports back with complete information about OS, service packs, hot fixes, hardware, software, running processes, etc. on remote machines. This information is added to the centralized database and network administrators are able to generate reports about each or all PCs (notebooks) on a network. The program is agent-free and requires no software installed on remote machines (laptops).

SNMP Tools:

SNMP Explorer provides a tree view of your SNMP manageable devices, provides a way to talk to or from the devices, provides a flexible log of transactions, and permits you to transact with the devices with simple yet powerful scripts.

Topology/Trace route based tools

Edge Scape from Akamai, maps user IP addresses to their geographic and network point of origin. This information is assembled into a vast knowledge base and made available to Edgescape customers.

Public Domain or Free Network Monitoring Tools

SpiceWorks is a browser-based desktop that lets you: inventory hardware, software and patches on your network; monitor your network for new software, low disk space, offline servers and rogue users; report on the information you need to manage your network.

There is a long list and cannot be shared in just one or two pages. For a better tool please the URL given as under.

Network Monitoring Tools

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