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Modern IT requires lots of efforts to maintain the network capacity and availability. There is a complete set of five books for ITIL where you can find the standards and basic principles of Information Technologies. How to make sure that IT infrastructure is up and running up to the given percentage of time and the capacity of the system is enough to maintain the smooth availability of the IT infrastructure.

I wrote about ITIL Many times and provided the material about this framework which is really important for IT infrastructure. In this framework help desk application is as much as important as other parts like capacity management, release management, availability management, financial management and many more, you can refer to the ITIL website for more details about this framework or find it under ITIL category.

Help Desk and trouble ticketing applications are must to ensure the availability of the the IT infrastructure. Help desk and trouble ticketing software also gives you the actual picture of the whole IT system and also provides a front desk to register all the complains about the weaknesses of IT system and helps the IT technicians to look into the problem a little deeper to make sure that the problem has been solved with all the required ingredients.

There are more than enough web based, application based help desk and trouble ticketing software’s and applications available on internet and they are very good but costly, I would say that out of reach of a small and medium level business. Although they have a very rich feature list but the prices are more than their rich feature list.

When we talk about free web based help desk and trouble ticketing applications most people will say that there are many of them on the internet but they don’t have guts to fulfill the needs but I would not agree with those guys and like to present two very efficient and marvelous free web based help desk and trouble ticketing applications given as under:

  • RT: Request Tracker

I found both of these free web based help desk and trouble ticketing software very efficient in work and customization is out class. You can play with these free web based trouble ticketing applications without having any problem and professional skills in these tools. Books and tutorials about these web based help desk applications are freely available on the internet and can be read by anyone who can read English.

Implementation of the these web based trouble ticketing and help desk applications is as easy as installing any other application on windows and LINUX. RT: Request Tracker is basically free web based trouble ticketing and help desk application for LINUX and MANTIS is meant for windows where you just need to install WAMP (Windows Apache, MySQL and PHP) application on your windows machine to configure MANTIS on it.

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