How To Delete GPT Protective Partition In Windows

MBR-based partition table schemes insert the partitioning information in the master boot record (MBR) (which on a BIOS system is also the container for code that begins the process of booting the system). In a GPT, partition table information is stored in the GPT header, but to maintain compatibility, GPT retains the MBR entry as the first sector on the disk followed by a primary partition table header, the actual beginning of a GPT. Now here comes to the problem to convert this disk to MBR disk, there is a very simple and easy method to convert this disk to MBR disk but you will lose your data and partition from that disk. I assume that you have an empty disk where you have accidently enabled GPT and you need to convert it back to MBR disk.

If you are using Windows XP and you are not able to access or modify GPT protective disk, you can easily convert a GPT disk to MBR Disk by using the clean command under DiskPart Disk Utility, which will remove all data and partition structures from a GPT disk.


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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates – Funny

Lets have a close look, what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are discussing? I am quite sure that you guys will think about business, someone will think about the charity and most of you guys will think about stock market, many will think about the money and few will think about something else. Lets find …

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Free Apple Snow Transformation Pack For Windows 7/Vista

I am pretty sure that most of the user will like this post because people are tired of using the same desktop and Icons of windows and they like to change it. After a few very basic tweaking one can use this transformation pack for a long time because this look pretty nice and easy to use than the default windows 7 theme. Why I am sure that people will like this post is that because of the popularity of one of my earlier post and that is about the theme of ubuntu for windows 7. I am getting almost 20% of my total traffic from that only one post and that is on the top Google search pages. Check the Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7, please follow the under given link:

UBUNTU Theme for Windows 7

I am really very thankful to the users for giving so much warm response on that post. To download this transformation pack please go to the end of this post.


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Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.0522.0 Beta

Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good software to protect your client computers and its very easy to install and configure on your computer. You just need to download the latest available version from the Microsoft website, double click the exe and you are ready to ride your computer without worrying about viruses and malwares. Today I am going to share the new BETA version of Microsoft Security Essentials that is now available for limited nations but I was able to connect to my account and downloaded this marvelous software on my computer. I know that you will ask me this question that you already had an updated Microsoft Security Essentials and why would you need another one and I would surely say that this new Microsoft Security Essentials have few extra facilities like given as under:

Windows® Firewall integration: Microsoft Security Essentials setup allows you to turn on Windows Firewall.

New and improved protection engine: The updated engine offers enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities and better performance.

How and from where to download?

Remove Fake Security Essentials 2011

Microsoft-Security-Essentials   Microsoft didn’t released security essentials 2011 till now and there is one more thing that Microsoft always called Microsoft Security Essentials not Security Essentials only. You must be aware of few other things about this fake anti-virus actually to be called virus (precisely) that this rogue is installed by malware that impersonates Flash updates or video codec’s that are required to watch an online video when you install these Trojans, instead of allowing you to watch the video they will download and install Security Essentials 2011 onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. Once Security Essentials 2011 is installed, it will be configured to start automatically when you log into Windows and you are gone to hell with your PC with bad behavior and many more idiotic things. Fake security Essentials will look like the under given:


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Remove Fake Antivirus XP 2008

screenshot_securitycenter Microsoft security essentials is a very good anti-virus and anti-malware software provided by Microsoft freely to the legitimate users of windows XP and advanced Microsoft provided operating systems on client side. You can find this software on Microsoft official website, please use the under given URL to get this software if you have a genuine windows XP, vista or 7 Click Here. I got some news on the internet for fake Microsoft security essentials and then I also found some information on Microsoft official website that you can also be the victim of this software then i tried to find some legitimate solutions for this problem and found under given information. You can get this information on Microsoft website at this URL or check the under given precaution steps for your PC. Click Here

fakemse To help protect yourself from rogue security software:

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Get Outlook 2010 Online Video Training Courses For Free!

Microsoft office outlook 2010 is a very good e-mail client tool that can manage your IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft Exchange e-mails very efficiently and easily. You just need to setup your e-mail account and you are ready to go with a lot of marvelous and easy to use functions like e-mail rules, e-mail signatures, centralized calendar and many more. Microsoft offers free online video training courses that increase your Outlook 2010 productivity. Whether you’re new to Outlook, recently upgraded from Outlook 2003, or an experienced user that likes to organize your Inbox with the new Conversations view, there is something for you. You just need to Go here to check out a complete list. let me share a couple of very useful links. I am quite sure that you guys will like them and happily enjoy listening or viewing them.

Make the switch to Outlook 2010

Training Switch from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010. This course explains how to do familiar tasks, such as send e-mail messages and use the calendar.

Tame your Inbox: Organize messages by conversation

Training Ever wish you had a smarter, handier way to arrange your Outlook Inbox? Now, learn how Date (Conversations) can simplify and clarify your view — and how…

Get Ubuntu Desktop Edition Windows Installer

I know it s an old news but perhaps someone find it useful and interesting. You just need to download a simple file from the shared link and you are ready to go for the installation and configuration of UBUNTU on a windows machine.


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How to Move tempdb Database To Another Location In SQL Server 2005

SQL server 2005 creates few default databases to control and manage its services and other tasks. tempdb is used to store temporary information about the database and server usage and with the passage of time the size of this database started increasing and if you have a large database your default location that is mostly …

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Terminal Server Has Exceeded the Maximum Number of Allowed Connections

Let me rephrase the message and will come back with the solutions available to solve this ugly problem created by Microsoft.

“The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. The system can not log you on. The system has reached its licensed logon limit. Please try again later.”

In Linux and UNIX systems you can have as many remote connection with a system you like but in Microsoft windows server you can only have two remote connection at a time.

This is not a very big problem and any network and system administrator can solve this problem in just few seconds, you just need to remember few very easy commands of windows. If you are using windows XP and like to solve this problem you need to upgrade your command line to at least windows 2003 version or you need to logon to windows 2003 server.

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