Recover Data From NTFS Drive With Open Source Software

NTFS Undelete

NTFS undelete is a very handy, easy to use and efficient software to recover data from NTFS drives. Since deleted files recovery is a very delicate process that’s why this software provides many types of packages to perform many types of undelete processes. Its completely free. There is a very simple installation method even a beginner can do it without any problem. If you don’t like to install you can download the zip package, just unzip and here you goes.

You can choose the method of installation according to your specific situation.

Windows Installer

Installer will set up NTFS Undelete on your computer. This is the easiest way to install NTFS Undelete; however, installer can be used only when the files you want to undelete are not located on the system disk (usually disk "C:").

If deleted files are located on the system disk, then you should choose different method of installation.

Download NTFS Undelete (Windows installer)

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Migrate Your DHCP Server Without Interruption

Migrating DHCP server in LIVE environment from Microsoft Windows 2003 Server to Microsoft Windows 2008 is not an easy task to do. You have to shutdown your old server to configure your new server. Let me share a very handy and built-in method to migrate your DHCP server from windows 2003 server to windows 2008 server. You can perform this task even in office hours without any service interruption, no down time scheduling. All the things including scope, reservations and server settings will me moved to your new server. Steps are given as under;

1. You need to log into your DHCP server (Old DHCP server running windows 2003) with your administrator account and run the under given command by using the CMD;

netsh dhcp server export c:filename.txt all

The above command will take a complete backup of the DHCP server at the specified location.

2. Log into your new DHCP server (New DHCP server running windows 2008) with administrator privileges. Copy the above backed up file from the old server so that your can import that file into your new DHCP server that is already running DHCP role. I assume that you have copied the file to your C drive of 2008 server.

netsh dhcp server import c:filename.txt all

You might get some kind confliction errors if you have some predefined settings in your new DHCP server. Nothing to worry about, just go into your new server and remove the default settings for the server. There might be already given DNS server that can conflict with your old settings.

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