Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems For Free

Yesterday one of my friend called me and asked me that how to repair windows boot loader? I asked few questions and found that he was actually trying to install windows XP with windows 7 and the scenario was something like this. He first installed windows 7 and then installed windows XP and was not …

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How to assess the security state of windows machine

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

I know this is not a new question for windows users but the utility that I am going to share with you guys will give you the answer of this question. The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a tool that provides a streamlined method to identify missing security updates and common security mis-configurations. what it can do and what operating system it can support is another question and a simple answer is given as under;

  • What It Can Do? If you are a network administrator and like to see what’s going on with other computer and where is a problem in system, like windows updates are not working, any kind of week password, or any other issue with a system on the network that can create any problem for the whole network, you can check it and cure it before you hit by a disaster.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 7; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows XP Embedded

microsoft baseline security analyzer

For further information to get more idea about Microsoft baseline security analyzer please see the screens given below;

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How to convert your file system to NTFS in windows 7

Windows 7 really prefers the hard disk drives that use the NTFS file system.  For better performance its better you use NTFS file system in widows 7. Its integrated backup program cannot back up files from or to drives that use the older FAT32 file system. So, if you select a drive that uses FAT32 …

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Record your actions with problem step recorder in windows 7

Windows problem step recorder can save you from a big disaster and even can help you to restore your last settings by telling you the exact steps. To aid development of Windows 7 beta versions, the Microsoft engineers built in a diagnostic tool called Problem Steps Recorder that combines screen captures with mouse tracking to …

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Secure you computer using windows cloud services

The popularity of any windows service can be judged by just going to its website. Windows Intune is so much popular that even in beta you can’t participate because its full already.

Windows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—so your computers and users can operate at peak performance. Windows Intune delivers cloud-based management and security capabilities that can be administered through a single Web-based console, enabling your end users and your IT staff to work from virtually anywhere-all that’s required is an Internet connection.

  • Manage and secure PCs anywhere with cloud services

  • Get the best Windows experience with Windows 7 Enterprise

  • Fits your business needs with simple setup, maintenance, and billing

Windows Intune details

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windows 7 full and activated available for download

Getting windows 7 and experiencing the best quality operating system available in the market is a little be hard for a salaried person but if you are not updating yourself you are drowning and vanishing day by day. Getting windows 7 for free from the internet is very easy and simple. check the under given …

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Is Windows 7 Better Than Mac OSX?

This article has been written by Sanix from Reach him on Facebook and Twitter.

When Windows Vista came out, most of users of Windows were very much disappointed. Windows vista was not at all good as it looked like Microsoft had released a raw version of Windows even before testing it fully. But Windows 7 was rolled out quickly in order to fill the gap which Windows Vista had made and it seems that Microsoft has been successful to a very much extent.

Windows 7 has surpassed 10% of the market share. Let’s look at the comparison of Windows Vista and Windows 7 market share penetration after their release.


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Windows 7 Crashes at USB eject 0X0000007E Or 0X00000050

Windows 7, no doubt very good and efficient in most of the cases like hardware utilization and performance but have few very common flaws. You can experience these kinds of flaws at every level of windows usage, Like if you update any hardware driver in windows it can give you a blue screen of death (BSOD). In windows 7 this issue can even come to your screen and annoying while plugging out the USB drive from your windows 7 system. If you don’t safely remove they USB drive from your windows 7 machine it will surely take you to this annoying screen. I was trying to find some solution for this error and found it in windows updates. let me share this windows update with your guys so that if you experience this issue, just install the update and save your computer from this crash.

windows 7 0x0000007e or 0X00000050

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Ultimate List of Windows 7 Desktop Wallpapers

Using a desktop background to show your imagination strength can be a good idea if you like to inspire others. Imagine if you are living in a world of science fiction where technology is at the peak and everything is living under technology and fantasy roof. In this list, Most of the wallpapers are same in size but if you like to get a best quality fixed centered desktop background you need to crop them and make them useable for you.

Ultimate wallpaper8 

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Top 5 Utilities to Speed Up Windows7

1. XDN Tweaker

XDN looks like some other ordinary windows tweaker but there is something special that it supports windows 7. Windows 7 can be tweaked by using this very easy and simple to use tool. Most of the options are for windows generic but few are specific to the windows 7 and specially about the interface problems. It offers a lot of different operations which can be performed with a single click. Just click any category from the left sidebar and you will see its options in the right side main window. You can work with UAC and Logon, System Misc, Icon Appearance, Right Click menus, System Security, Files & Folder options etc.

Download  XDN Tweaker

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