Is Windows 7 Better Than Mac OSX?

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When Windows Vista came out, most of users of Windows were very much disappointed. Windows vista was not at all good as it looked like Microsoft had released a raw version of Windows even before testing it fully. But Windows 7 was rolled out quickly in order to fill the gap which Windows Vista had made and it seems that Microsoft has been successful to a very much extent.

Windows 7 has surpassed 10% of the market share. Let’s look at the comparison of Windows Vista and Windows 7 market share penetration after their release.


It clearly show from the graph above that Windows 7 has been a huge success as compared to Windows Vista. Now let’s look at the comparison of all the Windows Operating Systems.

windows share

While Windows Vista is still ahead of Windows 7 but Windows 7 is quickly catching up. Windows XP is still the favorite of all times. Now let’s take a look at all the Operating Systems market share:

market share

Windows still enjoys more than 90% market share while Mac comes second with only 5.33% market share.

By looking at these graphs, my opinion is that people are liking Windows 7 more than Mac OSX. What do you think?

Images from arstechnica and hitslink.

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