Few very handy commands of windows

I know under given commands are not very short and comprehensive like few others in windows but these are the commands that will actually shorten your length and save a few more seconds for accessing useful windows resources. I would like to use few of them very frequently to save my system from crashing like %Temp% to wipe out the temporary files from Temp folder.

Variable Typical value (May vary, depending on system)
%ALLUSERSPROFILE% C:Documents and SettingsAll Users
%APPDATA% C:Documents and Settings{username}Application Data
%COMPUTERNAME% {computername}
%COMSPEC% C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe
%HOMEPATH% Documents and Settings{username}
%PATH% C:WindowsSystem32;C:Windows;C:WindowsSystem32Wbem
%PROGRAMFILES% Directory containing program files, usually C:Program Files
%PROMPT% Code for current command prompt format. Code is usually $P$G
%SYSTEMDRIVE% The drive containing the Windows XP root directory, usually C:
%SYSTEMROOT% The Windows XP root directory, usually C:Windows
%TEMP% and %TMP% C:DOCUME~1{username}LOCALS~1Temp
%USERNAME% {username}
%USERPROFILE% C:Documents and Settings{username}
%WINDIR% C:Windows

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