Free Conversion of Microsoft Word Documents

Why Convert from .docx to doc?

Beginning with Office 2007, the default format for saving Word documents is .docx. Unfortunately, this format is not backward compatible. As a result, users with prior version of Microsoft Office, are unable to open or recognize this file format and are therefore unable to view .docx files. This online tool solves that by converting these .docx formats back to .doc.

docxTired of receiving those pesky Microsoft Word documents with that pesky .docx extension? If you don’t have Office 2007, it can be a real problem since the format is not backwards compatible. Fortunately, this handy free tool lets you convert those docx files. Best of all, it is totally free and there is no email to provide. Get started below in three simple steps!:

Step 1: Upload the Document


Step 2: Press Convert Button


Step 3: Download the Document from the URL


Is it 100% Free? 

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How long does the conversion take?
The conversion process from PDF to HTML should happen almost immediately. However, the conversion process may vary depending upon such factors as: (1) the size of the PDF and (2) the number of other conversions in queue. For an average size file, the conversion should be completed in just a few minutes.

Use the under given URL to convert the document;