How to check hard drive real age

How to check hard drive real age

How to check hard drive real age can be a very good question while purchasing a used system? Finding out how speedy is your hard drive can be found everywhere but how old is your hard drive can be a new piece of information. Crystal Disk Info can give you this information just in few milliseconds and you don’t need to install it either. You just need to download the ZIP file and extract it on your hard drive, anywhere you want, double click the .exe file and you are done. Crystal Disk Info can give you following information:

Firmware, Serial Number, Interface, Transfer mode, Drive letters, Standard, Supported Features, Buffer Size, NV Cache Size, Rotation Rate, Power On Count and Power On Hours. Power On Hours  will give you actual hard drive age and Power On Count will give you, how many times this hard drive had been restarted.

Some other very important features of this marvelous software are hard drive health and temperature. Check the Functions menu and find some more things like hide serial number, open disk management using this software and many more.

Download Crystal Disk Info

Please follow the above URL to get a very handy and useful application for your IT kit. It will help you to find a best system. By the time hard drive gets old and data processing become slow and painful. its must better to test it and check the real age of the hard drive. There are many more utilities available on this website like CPUID and disk mark. These tools can also help you to check your complete system and its health for better performance.

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