How to control logon hours in windows XP

If you are using windows XP at home and want your children to use the computer in specified hours you can do it just in two steps. Its not a rocket science to do in windows XP. Its really easy and can be very helpful if you like to restrict any account. Use the under given steps to set this control on windows XP;


  1. Go to Start  menu
  2. Go to Run and Type cmd
  3. At command prompt window enter your requirements in one of the following format;

net user itm /time:M-F,08:00-17:00
Limits the user itm to logon Monday- Friday between 8am and 5pm

net user itm /time:M-F,8am-5pm
The same thing can also be expressed as above using the 12 hour clock

net user itm /time:M,8am-5pm;T,1pm-3pm;W-F,8:00-17:00
This shows the easiest way of setting limits that differ on multiple days.
To express Saturday and Sunday use ‘sa’ and ‘su’.

To remove time restrictions follow the under given steps;

  1. Go to Start  Menu
  2. Go to Run and type in cmd
  3. Then type the following into the command line replacing itm with the name of your user

net user itm /time:all

This will allow a user only to logon within the set time but will not force them to be logged off when the allocated time expires.

Logon hours will apply to all accounts but administrator level accounts have the power to change them using the net user command. As part of a domain this process can be managed differently on the domain controller by using the logon hours. A picture is shown under for logon hours.

Logon Hours Windows Active Directory

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