How to fix domain suspended due to ICANN verification was not completed (RAA)

How to fix domain suspended due to ICANN verification was not completed (RAA). Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation. Things are pretty simple while registering a domain name but can create complication while operating it. While creating a domain name please take care of the contact details as they are as crucial as domain name itself.

ICANN will verify if the provided information for domain creation is legitimate to make sure that people don’t buy domains using fake information. If you have received an email from domain registrar to verify your domain name, you must do this within next 15 days otherwise you domain will be suspended and the NameServers of your domain will be moved to registrar’s default NameServers. It might cause you a huge loss if your domain is heavily being used. One my domain was suspended due to this issue and I wasted around 5 hours to revert everything back to normal and the issue was simple “domain suspended due to ICANN verification was not completed”.

The major issue will be the down time of your services due to DNS and there is nothing you will be able to do as all the queries of your domain will be redirected towards domain registrar’s default Name Servers. Even, you won’t be able to put a maintenance page in front of your domain as you don’t have control on it.

I would recommend to be careful while registering a domain as Domain Registrars will also have to keep information of their customers, including their credit card details, for two years after they cancel their domain registrations. If the ICANN requests, information like the IP address used to make the registration have to be given up to it for 180 days.


Verify your contacts created on your domain registrar’s website for Registrant, admin, technical and billing. All these contacts must have verified detail primarily email address and phone number.

A few of advisory posts shared by ICANN on website are linked below for detailed information. I would recommend every reader to visit and understand the implications of non-verified domains. It might come to your website while you are enjoying your holiday in remote areas!!!

Advisory: Registrar Implementation of the 2013 RAA‘s Whois Requirements

ICANN announcement

ICANN sends registrars and domain owners into panic with 2013 RAA

As a proof I am sharing under given link which faced the same issue I was facing and putting my valuable time to restoring the services to normal after DNS propagation.

domain suspended due to ICANN verification

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