How to Reset Forgotten Root Password of Trend Micro Officescan

How To Reset Forgotten Root Password of Trend Micro Officescan

You might need to reset the forgotten root password of trend micro officescan. This small article can help you save lot of precious time. Trend Micro Officescan is a good client server antivirus option. It can turn worst in case you forgot the root password and you have lots of clients attached to it. There is no help in the knowledge base for this. Nothing will help but the support ticket on the Trend Micro official site which can take more than expected time to send you the desired information to recover or reset the password.

There is a tweak available to reset the master password but at your own risk. follow the instruction given below to reset forgotten root password of trend micro officescan.

1. Go to

C:\Program Files\TrendMicro\Officescan\PCCSRV\Private\AuthorStore\TrendAuthDef.xml

if you are using any 64bit operating system like 2008R2 or 2012, follow the under given path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\PCCSRV\Private\AuthorStore

Find the file with the name of TrendAuthDef.xml

Make sure you got the backup before making any changes otherwise get ready to reinstall the whole system.

2. open the above file and find the enter given entry:

<AppUsers Maxsid=”2″>

<AppUser Name=”root” Domain=”” Email=”” Fullname=”Administrator account created during installation” Sid=”S-1-9-1-2″ Pwd=”!CRYPT!523F7DC2E525044E2800FCDEA7E5D78B70C0A4165387060525E3EE66D5D2D2F460EA361E712B5F871FD473C7A6C” WinUser=”0″ Enabled=”true”/></AppUsers>

3. Replace the text given in the quotes “” with the above starting from !CRYPT to 6C.

If you have more than one users don’t mess with them.

4. Now you have to restart the master service of TrendMicro Office scan. Go to services and restart it.

5. open the web administration page and enter root as user name and trendmicro as password.

You are good to go!!!!!

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