How to Secure Computer From USB Viruses in Windows 7

No doubt, windows 7 is an ultimate windows family member that is fully loaded with most of the security tools required to secure your system. Most of the common viruses spread using USB drive and waste a lot of time including file corruption, system slow response, annoying behavior of system and many more problems that can make your system unstable. All the above problem can be easily controlled and prevented by just making few very easy and handy configuration in your windows 7. Most viruses in USB drives spread by using autorun.inf style and copy few files in your system that start breading and making your system unstable.

Auto run function can now be controlled by following the under given instructions in windows 7. There is no need to make any change in registry or to take risk to make your system unstable by making any change in registry.

Steps are given as under;
1. Go to Start Menu
2. Go to Control Panel
3. Go to AutoPlay
4. In AutoPlay you will find a list of available options to choose for right autorun options for your connected CD ROM, DVD ROM, Program and games, pictures and many more but the important and interesting thing for this article is given at the end of the list and that is Devices.
5. Select the appropriate options for your connected devices and press the save button to apply the settings.

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