Lucky Microsoft, Getting Malware Code Automatically

Microsoft’s ever crashing came into cash for Microsoft itself when hackers send their code automatically to Microsoft. Hackers must read this post because unknowingly they are sending their code to Microsoft. Most of the hacker create the malware code and during this period their system crashes again and again and Microsoft windows prompt to send the error code to Microsoft for evaluation and creation of a fix of the crash code. In the mean time Microsoft get the malicious code in the form of Microsoft Windows error code to create a hot fix.

As Per Rocky Heckman, a Microsoft senior security architect, told Josh Taylor from ZDNet Australia:

“People have sent us their virus code when they’re trying to develop their virus and they keep crashing their systems,” Heckman said. “It’s amazing how much stuff we get.”

Another interesting thing that came out of the blog post was the number of attacks that the site undergoes each day:

According to Heckman, based on the number of attacks on Microsoft’s website, the company was only too familiar with what types of attacks were most popular.

“The first thing [script kiddies] do is fire off all these attacks at,” he said. “On average we get attacked between 7000 and 9000 times per second at,” said the senior security architect.

“I think overall we’ve done pretty good, even when MafiaBoy took down half of the internet, you know, Amazon and eBay and that, we didn’t go down, we were still up.”

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