Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Has Been Released

Microsoft security essentials is the best and my favorite Microsoft Product. Microsoft security essentials is an anti-virus and anti-malware system and most analyst rate this product in very good numbers. There are two best things about Microsoft Security Essentials and those are, its from Microsoft and knows windows very well, and can clean viruses and malware very easily from windows protected directories.

Microsoft security essentials 2 has some additional features as i wrote in my previous post about Microsoft security essentials beta and one of them is to scan for network inspection and it can protect against network based exploit very easily and efficiently but this feature is only available for windows vista and 7.

I am going to share direct and complete download link for Microsoft security essentials so that If someone want to download and install it some other time or on multiple computers, can do it easily.

Here are the direct download links for Microsoft Security Essentials 2.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials v2.0.657.0 (32-bit)

Download Microsoft Security Essentials v2.0.657.0 (64-bit)

The latest version of MSE is 2.0.657.0. New features of Microsoft Security Essentials 2 include enhanced detection and cleanup of malware, better Windows Firewall integration and most importantly enhanced protection of web based threats.

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