Microsoft Security Essentials Definitions Update Failed Error 0x80080005

Microsoft Security Essentials is no doubt a very good anti-virus anti-malware software presented by Microsoft. I am a big fan of this software due to few very good and unique features like, Its created by Microsoft itself and it knows windows very well so this deal the operating system very carefully doesn’t crashes or slows down the windows and programs. Its fast and efficient with a light weight effect on the system but there are few things that can create problems for you to use this marvelous piece of work. As stated above the Microsoft Security Essentials definitions update error 0x80080005, this can happen due to various wrong settings of windows services and applications.

First we will ensure that all the services required for Microsoft Security Essentials and its depending services are running and working properly, for this please use the under given steps:

Check the Services

1. Go to Start  Menu and then go to Run

2. Type the under given command in Run and Press Ok

    • Services.msc

3. Please ensure the below list of services must set to Started and Automatic.

    • Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    • Cryptographic service
    • Microsoft Antimalware
    • Windows Installer

4. If the above services are not set to Started and Automatic, please right click on that particular service and select properties.

5. On properties window, please change the Start-up type to Automatic and use the Start button to Start the service.

6. Click Apply, click ok.

7. Close the Services window

8. Please restart the computer.

Check Date and Time

Second Please check the system date and time and make sure that its correct and updated. Hope it will resolve the issue. Best of luck

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