PowerEdge 2650 ESM (Embedded Server Management) error

This is the review of the PowerEdge 2650 ESM error that people are experiencing and having  a big trouble due this error. Server hang at startup and a manual interruption required to boot the server (At startup system says to press F1 for normal boot and F2 to enter in setup program). Server cooling fans always kept running and become annoying due to a loud noisy environment. Sometimes server behave abnormally and restart without any intimation or hang without any specific reason. This happens due to various problem with the Embedded Server Management module. PE2650 motherboard
This module is installed in the server to enhance the capability and install some extra PCI devices. Its a little blur picture but you can see this if you can open the chassis of your server. poweredge2650 esm4 card

PowerEdge 2650 ESM (embedded Server Management) error can be corrected by doing a very simple task given below;

Remote Access Controller (RAC) Firmware Repair Utility

Firmware Version 3.13 and Firmware Version 3.35

Instructions to create Repair Diskettes:
1. This utility will require 2 formatted diskettes.
2. Insert the first diskette
3. Press the Continue button.
4. When the copy is complete, remove the diskette and insert the second diskette.
5. Press the Continue button.
6. When copy is complete, press the Finish button.

RAC Controllers Supported:
Embedded Remote Access [ERA]
Remote Access Card III/XT

RAC Repair Utility Instructions:

1. Insert the first update diskette into the target system with RAC installed  and reboot the system.

You are prompted to confirm reflashing the RAC.

2. After you confirm the update, you are prompted to insert the second update diskette.

The RAC Flash update will start automatically, displaying status  information on the screen.

3. After the update has successfully completed,remove the  update diskette and reboot the system.

NOTE: This utility reprograms the RAC to preinstalled settings.  All user modified settings will be erased.

If you are upgrading a system and you want to save/restore any  modified RAC configurations, see the racadm getconfig/config commands in the “Dell Remote Access Controller Racadm User’s Guide” for instructions.

I installed it on my own PowerEdge 2650 Server and It worked great but use at your own risk. ITOPERATIONZ team will not be responsible for any kind of data loss.

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7 thoughts on “PowerEdge 2650 ESM (Embedded Server Management) error”

  1. I have a PowerEdge 2650 that just started showing “Embedded Server Management Error” at boot time, but this is a little different than everyone else’s problem…after it shows the error, the computer locks up. It never gives me the opportunity to hit F1 to continue. I have waited 30+ minutes and it just sits there. I cannot get past that point, therefore I cannot boot off of a floppy to repair the ESM. I am stuck. Any advice? Thanks!

    • I hope this advice work for you because the same worked for me, I was having the same problem as you are having with one of my PE 2650 server. I pulled out the ESM from my server and then again put it back after a bit cleaning. The last and final advice to you is to replace ESM.

  2. Thanks for your response. If by ESM you mean the riser card, I had tried that, actually, and it didn’t help. In fact, I took it out, blasted compressed air at it to clean it off, cleaned out the rest of the chassis interior, reassembled it and booted it again, and it still just sat there.

    Eventually, after about 5 hours of trying various things, I attempted one more reboot without changing anything and it booted up that time. Now I’m afraid to reboot it or shut it off again. I’m going to be taking a fresh backup of the data on it, then I will move the services running on it over to another box so that I can feel free to try to reboot it again and see if I can boot off of the ESM repair diskette. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again,

    — Nathan

  3. Hi there. Having this very problem, but I’m a bit confused by the file names and version numbers.

    Do I need to apply EITHER the 3.13 file OR the 3.35 depending on what the current version is? If so, any idea how I can find that?

    Or do I need to apply both files, starting with the 3.13?

  4. I have the same question as Laurent. How do I determine the existing firmware version of the ESM, and is it necessary to install both sequentially in order to reflash 3.13 and then upgrade to 3.35?

  5. I have the same problem and would like to try this method. However, I don’t have floppy drive any more and how can I use a dvd instead? Thanks!

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