Accessing your system while its off was a dream before this invention. I am not talking about the server side, I am just talking about the client computers in the company or at home but having an all time internet connection. This dream has come true with the invention of I’m in touch online utility. Features are given as under;

  • imintouchRemotely Wake-Up your shutdown PC
  • Enhanced Security – Physical Authentication
  • Automatic Login from USB Key
  • Central Administration and access all your PCs
  • Remote control from a PC or Pocket PC
  • Transfer files & print remote documents
  • Firewall settings maintained
  • Remote Audio support
  • One-step PC Locator
  • Remote presentation for up to 10 attendees
  • Child Monitoring Software (stealth mode operation)
  • Outlook access from your cellular phone
  • Notification on your cell phone of new emails
  • File access from browser of a PC or wireless device
  • Webcam access from wireless device

To get this facility and download the client side software use the link under given;

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