RT: Request Tracker 3.8.8 Has Been Released

homepage RT: Request Tracker is a best quality and enterprise-grade issue tracking system which really help you to track your day to day issues with a real comfort and ease. RT: request tracker’s been around in the market for last ten years and this doesn’t mean that its old boring and heavy system with lots of draw backs and bugs. RT: request tracker’s new version has been released and available on the internet and can be downloaded without any issue and problem, you just need to follow the instructions given on the best practical website and you are done with your downloading.

RT is being used by government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, and development organizations around the world. Frequent uses include the tracking of sales orders, software defects, customer service inquiries, internal workflow, project management, network operations and even youth counseling. Designed to be powerful and flexible.

What’s new in 3.8+?

  • A fresh new visual style
  • Dashboards
  • Ticket relationship graphs
  • Seamless PGP support for email
  • Rich text editing (WYSIWYG)
  • Per-user preferences for common options
  • Calendar feeds for ticket due dates
  • Bookmarking tickets
  • New email delivery settings
  • Easier upgrade tools
  • Loads of performance improvements and bug fixes

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