[Solved] IIS10 – internal server error 500 fastcgi 0xc0000135

internal server error 500 fastcgi 0xc0000135

Internal Server error 500 is a generic error on server side components and may occur due to many issues. Mainly it happens due to missing components required for applications like Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is required for FastCGI to work on IIS10 Server if you want to run a PHP application. I was trying to install WordPress using PHP 7.3 and MySQL 5.7, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable was installed but was giving error because x64 was installed and in my case the PHP was installed using x86 architecture which requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable in x86 format.

Solution! internal server error 500 fastcgi 0xc0000135

There’s a fairly good chance you’re missing the correct VC++ runtime for the version of PHP you’re running.

Install the appropriate version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable which in my case was x86.


You can make it more easier while troubleshooting, follow the under given steps:

  1. Go to IIS Manager
  2. Go to PHP Manager
  3. Check the installed version of PHP.
  4. If the path of the PHP installation is under Program Files (x86), install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x86).

This resolved my problem and I was able to browser WordPress website.


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