Steve Jobs Has Resigned From Apple

I like to share this news with the readers who love Apple for its creativity and smartness. Apple has introduced a lot of big and great things in the computer and smart phone market like Apple Macintosh, IPhone, IPad, and IPod. All these things have a great thinking and vision of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the one who created Apple in Early 70’s and made this company a very successful and top list in computer market as well as a brilliant smart phone company. Many other companies who are very old and expert in smart and simple phone like Nokia also believe that IPhone is the best thing ever available in the smart phone market.


Why I am sharing this information with you guys is that because many people will think that if Steve Jobs was so important and was playing a key role in Apple then what will happen if he leaves the company, what about the future releases and more and more excellent inventions? Steve Jobs already did this thin in mid Eighties when his own created company fired him and started a new company named PIXAR where he created master piece movies and graphical things so it will not effect the company and did not create a panic situation.

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  1. That’s a pretty tough news. I expectation from Apple now is that it will finally be acquired by Microsoft completely making Microsoft’s share again touch 95+%.


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