FreeBSD – The Power to Serve

There was a time when I was very much interested in installing FreeBSD, I am talking about the time back in 2005 when I was just a newbie in LINUX and UNIX world and I was not able to install FreeBSD for more than three hours and I was very much surprised that how people are using this operating system and how can somebody say that you will forget about the speed and reliability of other operating system using this operating system. As soon as I was able to install and got the idea that it will only take five minutes to install a basic installation of FreeBSD on a P-I system I was shocked to see the marvelous speed of the operating system and i configured a web server on that P-I machine for a complete PHP team and that served me for more than an year without any problem and maintenance required. I know this is getting a bit bore story lets make it a little interesting and come to the features and power of the FreeBSD in the UNIX world. Its not only me that say this but the whole world that knows FreeBSD that a server running FreeBSD on it can serve the world for more than three years without restarting, up gradation is something else but if you have to use the server as it is. Few important resource for FreeBSD are given as under;freebsd

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