Are We Neglecting Visually Impaired Community By Creating Touch Screen Smart Phones?

Smart phones are the hottest products in the markets now a days and they making good money. Smart phones are attracting more and more people due the vast variety of available application for general use. Almost every type of application is available for smart phone which was available for computer in near past. More and more people of becoming big fans of these type of applications which are available everywhere and can be accessed by just a single touch of the smart phone screen.

But the question arise when it comes to highlight the visually impaired community which consists of 285 million people across the globe. How these people will become an active part of the community by using the smart phones? Because, even in Pakistan if we visit the nearby market place for mobile phones, we will hardly find 2% smart phones which have qwerty keyboard or a keypad. All other smart phones are having large touch screens without any button or they only have one big button which will push everything back to main screen.


Apple and Samsung are the most popular smart phones companies and most of the models presented by these companies are not usable for any visually impaired or blind person. Apple only creating IPhone which is 100% touch screen with only a large button to move back to main screen but Samsung has few more models like Samsung epic 4g which also has a qwerty keyboard.

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