The Specified Account Already Exist: Skype Update Failed

The specified account already exist

The specified account already exist is really a strange error if you are a Skype user and want to update it to the latest release. Skype is a very good audio and video conference tool and in my opinion is the most popular communication tool. Under Microsoft platform, there are lot of issues coming to Skype. Lot of new releases are coming with bugs and technical issues. A month before we faced an issue with Skype time stamp and now in this release, Skype is not able to update smoothly. Under given is the issue I faced while updating to new version.

The specified account already exists“, followed by another dialog box “Skype information“, which states:

Installing Skype failed, code 1603“, along with: “A fatal error occurred during installation

While updating to new version it says that the specified account already exist and when you press ok button you get another dialogue box which says that installing Skype failed, code 1603, a fatal error occurred during installation. There is a work around to solve this issue until Skype release another version of update to solve it. Go to temporary files by using %temp% command. to execute this command open RUN menu by using Windows Key + R.

Find the Skype executable file which was downloaded while trying to update the Skype using the Skype Help Menu. Copy that file to a location from where you can execute it. Now uninstall the Skype using the programs and features under Control Panel and reinstall Skype using the downloaded file.

If you are still not able to install the Skype go to under given path and rename the folder with your user name:


rename the directory with your Skype user name and it will allow you to install the updated Skype. by doing this your Skype history will be disturbed. If you don’t want to lose your history please wait for the new release or open a support ticket on Skype forum. I hope they will share an update about this issue.

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  1. Skype was almost bomb proof until Microsoft became involved. Since then its become a permanent nightmare and probably not worth the effort. Why couldn’t they just leave it alone! If its not broke don’t fix it.


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