TOP 5 PC Remote Access Tools

    1. Go To My PC

    clip_image001Go To My PC is one of the best PC remote access solutions around at the moment. It overcomes all the usual difficulties associated with accessing a computer remotely to make it easy enough for home users to get to grips with, but powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of business users. For whatever the reason you want to be able to access a computer remotely, Go To My PC will help you do it quickly



    2. Log Me In

    clip_image002LogMeIn is a company which produces a number of useful and versatile products for remotely accessing computers and providing remote assistance. We will look mainly at their home remote access application LogMeIn Pro and the free cut down version of the same software. Both provide an excellent solution for remotely accessing computers across the internet which will satisfy the needs of home and business users



    3. LapLink Everywhere

    clip_image003Laplink Everywhere is an excellent remote PC access tool which will allow you to access your remote PC from pretty much any device with a web browser and internet connection. It has a rich feature set which should provide all the functionality you need from a remote access solution and the easy set up process makes it suitable for anyone from complete novices to expert users.



    4. Teamviewer

    clip_image004Teamviewer is an excellent piece of software for any businesses who want to be able to provide remote assistance to their clients. It is easy to configure and works without any problems through all manner of network set ups providing secure access to the remote system. Home users may find the free version does all they need, but might miss the lack of a web based control interface



    5. PCNow by Webex

    clip_image005PCNow by WebEx is a highly secure and versatile remote access solution for PCs and Macs. WebEx is part of the Cisco group so the quality of the software can be guaranteed by a big name in networking products. Home and business users alike should find everything they need in a remote access tool with PCNow and at very reasonable prices

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