What is IIoT security?

What is IIoT security?

IIoT security enables CISOs, network managers, and OEMs to safeguard and control the network’s endpoints for connected devices. This comprises:

IIoT endpoints: More endpoints could be attacked because of the widespread usage of internet-connected devices for everything from data analysis to proactive maintenance.

Remote connections: Many IIoT devices are now being accessed via untrusted and potentially unsafe Wi-Fi networks due to the popularity of remote work.

Legacy devices: Because they are frequently unpatched, older devices introduce “low-hanging fruit” vulnerabilities.

What are some challenges of securing IIoT devices?

3rd-Party Contractor Access

Giving technicians and contractors broad access to the network adds risk and is difficult to manage efficiently.

Network blind spots

Monitoring and managing the network is becoming challenging due to the rapid expansion and diversity of IoT devices and systems.

Legacy systems

Systems become a security concern when they can no longer be patched or updated to guard against vulnerabilities.

Inconsistent network segmentation

On the wide range of networks in use today, tactics for limiting harmful lateral movement are frequently handled inconsistently.

The Importance of Security for Industrial IoT

Security for IoT in the industry is crucial. The risk of company data loss is one of the main factors. Given the increased connections today, losing access to internal systems could significantly impair a company’s capacity to conduct business or even threaten its survival.

The same is true for the medical, aerospace, and defense sectors. Where increased responsibility is necessary due to patents, trade secrets, and regulated confidentiality. The loss of ownership and use of these priceless intellectual assets could negatively impact a business or expose it to substantial liability risks resulting from a confidentiality breach.

Safety is an essential factor in industrial IoT security. Concerns about public and company safety are present both within and outside of IIoT. For example, a security lapse that permits unauthorized access to devices could result in harm or fatalities. Additionally, a violation allowing the modification of a pharmaceutical formula or an aircraft part performance characteristic might increase the safety risk for many persons outside the organization. So Extreme Defender for IoT provides industries with Cybersecurity to protect their digital assets on their production floor that are just as much a target as your IT environment.

IIoT security can be challenging, but we help professionals get up and running quickly and efficiently. For example, Check Point Quantum IoT Protect design to secure your networks and devices that use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices across Healthcare, enterprises, and Industrial Applications to deliver productivity advantages and also protect your systems from new Cyber-threats.

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