Windows New Family Member is About to Release – Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is going to join the windows family very soon. Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 7 on 22-October-2009.

Launching Date

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Features of windows 7 are given as under;


Windows 7 simplifies everyday tasks


Introducing improved taskbar previews, bigger icons, pinning, and creative ways to personalize.



Takes the headache out of home networking, so it’s easier to share files and printers.


jump List

Speedy access to your favorite pictures, songs, websites, and documents.JumpLists


A quick (and fun) new way to resize and compare windows on your desktop.Snap

Windows Live Essentials

Must-have software for your PC—free! Get Mail, Photo Gallery, and other favorites.WindowsLiveEssentials

Windows Search

At last, searching your PC is as simple as searching the web.WindowsSearch

Windows 7 works the way you want

Performance Improvements

It’s designed to sleep and resume quicker, be less memory hungry, and spot USB devices fasterPerformanceImprovements

Full 64-Bit Support

Windows 7 makes the most of powerful 64-bit PCs, the new desktop standard.Full64BitSupport

Power Management

New power-saving features are designed to help laptops run longer.PowerManagement

Windows 7 makes new things possible

Easier Wireless Networking

Windows 7 gets you online in fewer clicks.WirelessNetworking

Windows Media Center

Watch, record, and pause live TV (additional hardware required).WindowsMediaCenter

Windows Touch

Pair Windows 7 with a touch-sensitive PC and you won’t always need a keyboard or mouse.WindowsTouch

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