4 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Purchase Of LinkedIn Is Stupid

4 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Purchase Of LinkedIn Is Stupid

In my opinion Microsoft’s purchase of linked in is stupid. I don’t know why these big companies are doing this (Facebook acquired Whats App, Microsoft acquired Nokia). Might be good for Facebook but a big failure for Microsoft. Nokia is no more in the market, God knows better whats behind the scene but on the front end Microsoft wasted around more than $8B. If we talk about the current purchase it might come true but big purchases like this are often failed. Microsoft will try to use its huge investment in multiple ways like grabbing more users for its office 365. A major point which is a big concern of Microsoft is to come to social media because Facebook is getting bigger and bigger. The last attempt of Google was failed when Google launched its Google+ to compete the Facebook in Social Network Setup.

Why Microsoft Purchased LinkedIn?

Central Connectivity:

people are already connected centrally because LinkedIn, Facebook and many others are available on lot of website as authentication method

LinkedIn users will use Microsoft Office 365

LinkedIn is a place where people share their views and many other things like professional profile so in my opinion they won’t be looking for office 365 online. if they need the office applications they can easily get it without having a LinkedIn account.

More Traffic for Microsoft Applications

Microsoft is a world renowned company and have many good applications on its catalogue so they won’t get a big hit from LinkedIn because all LinkedIn users are professional and they already know about Microsoft products and most of them would already be using these products in some way so calling those users again will not make a big difference.

Compete with Facebook and Other Social Network

If Microsoft is looking for more fame and like to be discussed in social network as well, is the motive behind this big push then I think they will lose this money. almost half of the Facebook users are not technical and they really don’t care about the Tech things. They just use it for fun, waste time or share some very basic information with family and friends.



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