A Specified Logon Session Does not Exist. It May Already have been Terminated

A Specified Logon Session Does not Exist. It May Already have been Terminated

A Specified Logon Session Does not Exist. It May Already have been Terminated. You may encounter this error while working with Microsoft IIS server. There are multiple post written about this error even Microsoft has an official article to address this issue but you will still not be able to solve it. I tried every possible solution from internet but was not able to fix it.

ssl certificate binding error






In my case I got a new EV-SSL certificate for my corporate website and it had all the necessary information which was required for the import and configuration of SSL certificate in IIS8.5. Then what would be the issue with this certificate and how can I solve this issue. Converting it to different type, changing the information was not helping in my case. I followed this article but still there was not luck.

How I fixed this issue on my production server?

I removed the old certificate from the server although it was not expired but we added new CN in the certificate to support more names for our applications. Then I removed the new certificate which i imported few moments ago and while configuring the websites with this new certificate I faced the above error. I stopped the IIS server and all the websites, restarted the IIS server and then imported the new EV-SSL certificate and here comes my good luck. without any issue it started working and i configured all the websites.

After removing the old one and also removing the new certificate from the server store and adding it again worked for me. There might be a conflict between the old certificate and new certificate. The above article from phunsites.net website is a very detailed and helpful article which enlisted most of the scenarios of this issue. I hope this article will help someone to save few very important minutes which can be utilized in some other important task. if this article helped you in someway please forward it or share it on your Facebook.

March 2022 Update

Just removing the certificate from IIS server manager and adding it using the MMC worked this time. I did not removed the old certificate. The best way to import SSL certificate is to Windows MMC and then choose the certificate in the websites configured in IIS using IIS Manager. Importing SSL certificate using IIS manager is not a good idea or atleast not a good idea for older versions of IIS Server.

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