5 ways to view your public IP address

1. whatismyip.com

Use your internet explorer and open http://www.whatismyip.com. It will show  your public IP address. This website can do more than one task and is really very helpful in daily life for IT operations.


2. cmyip.com

Its a very simple and easy to use website, you just need to open internet explorer and enter http://www.cmyip.com web address to see you public IP address.


3. Geo IP Tool

This tool can give you more than just public IP address. You can see you geographical location and from where this IP address belongs? It will also show you a picture from Google maps with a pointed location. You can narrow down to see more details from Google maps. GeoIPTool


4. NPH-Trace route

This tool can give you a public IP address with all the hops in between this web server and your IP address. From this tool you check that from where your service provider is getting the service? NPH-Traceroute


5. IP-Adress.com

This small yet powerful tool will show you a Public IP address including the country and ISP from where this IP belongs to? http://www.ip-adress.com