Error Occurred During Initialization Of VM

Above given error can occur if you have installed updated java on your server and a shadowed copy of java has been placed in the windows directory. Due to any reason the java which is originally installed got corrupted or removed from the system and installed another one, the shadowed copy of java will remain available in the windows directory. The above error sometimes go away by just setting up the path in the advanced properties of server but if its not being resolved by setting up the server path, please follow the under given instructions.

First check if the java installed on the system is working fine. You can check it by going to command prompt and entering the following command:


Error is given as under:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

Using the command prompt navigate to the bin under JAVA directory and enter the above command again.

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Free Web Hosting From Media Temple

I would like to share this good news to every reader of sizledcore that Media temple is offering free web hosting equal to 25$ per month. If anyone is interested and is looking for best web hosting, e-mail and FTP services please visit the under given link to claim your free web hosting credit. There …

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Save And Manage Your Passwords Online With Mitto Online Password Manager

The Internet has exploded so much that we need to have a zillion different accounts on different Internet services. More and more people get frustrated as they have to remember and protect a lot of login information. This creates the need for password managers. A password manager can save your login information in a secure …

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How To Redirect A Domain For Free

Domain redirection is very common now a days and everyone need it because most companies own more than one domain names for their company. I would like to share a very simple and easy to under htaccess script that forward a whole domain to another domain name. There are few very simple steps involved to …

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Marvelous Digital Paintings

Setting good background on my desktop is my hobby and I like to share desktop background items with others. I found a very good website where they have shared nice collection of pictures that really worth looking at. I like you guys to visit the website and if you like to download any picture for your desktop background you can easily do this by just right clicking on the picture and save it your computer. I have shared the web URL at the end of this post and also each picture if linked with its original location.

True Tints


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Free Unlimited Call to 32 football playing nations

Football subscription promotionsTo celebrate a season of football, Skype is offering you free calls to qualifying countries for a month. Pick one of these great deals and talk football with your friends and family.

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Recover Linux Ext2/Ext3 data from windows machine

If you like to recover your lost data from a LINUX drive using your windows machine you are really at a right place to get help about this issue. Disk Internal Linux Recover is a free utility to do this task for you. Its a very simple, easy to use and most comfortable utility for LINUX recover.


DiskInternals Linux Recovery can recover both the files you accidentally deleted and the files which have been erased long time ago. It’s also capable of restoring corrupted files and can read and recover the information located on an inaccessible drive. The files you restore can be saved on any (including network) disk, which is visible to the host operating system.

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3 ways to Watch FIFA 2010 World Cup Online

Watching football world cup 2010 is a craze for everybody but what if you are working in an IT environment and you have to visit the client and you have to travel for three hours and those hours are match hours what would you do then? I know that you will try to find you 3G and like to watch the match online, so here is the solution, you don’t need to go anywhere and Google for online websites that offer to watch FIFA 2010 online.

Watch FIFA Online Online:

FIFA Schedule

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watch Asia cup online

asia cup logo 2010 Asia cup is going to start from today between Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka teams. I would like to share the schedule with you guys (I know most of the viewers already have this thing) but the most important thing that most of the user don’t know is how to watch matches online on internet using your computer or laptop? See the schedule and I will let you know how easy is to watch cricket matches online.

asia cup 2010

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ultimate list of free system utilities

System utilities always required by the system administrators and network support engineers when you need a utility you have to search from internet and waste some precious time on searching and downloading. I tried to make a list of these utilities and will update it in future so that someone can find it easily and save time. There is a long list and no one can sum it up but one can try. Please share your system utility with us.

Hard drive utilities

Let Windows Handle PC Maintenance for You

Pantera’s free hard drive utility

File recovery (Free file recovery) (Free file recovery) (Free Undelete) (Free Undelete)

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