Advantages of WMIC command in Windows

Windows Management Instrumentation Command, the WMI command-line (WMIC) utility provides a command-line interface for WMI. WMIC is compatible with existing shells and utility commands.

A numerous software’s are available to do this task in a very efficient manner and give you a lot of information about your system hardware and software installed and configured but what if you have dell, IBM, HP or any other brand PC, laptop or desktop system and you are trying to download any kind of software or driver from the respective website and the demand is to put the serial number or model number your laptop (mostly serial number) and you don’t know you can use few very simple commands to do this task.

BASEBOARD            - Base board management (motherboard or system board)
 BIOS                - BIOS management (Basic input/output services)
 BOOTCONFIG          - Boot configuration
 CDROM               - CD-ROM
 COMPUTERSYSTEM      - Computer system [CALL/SET]
 CPU                 - CPU
 CSPRODUCT           - Computer system product information from SMBIOS.

Few Examples of WMIC commands are given as under;

To use this tool go to start menu and then go to RUN and enter CMD and enter the under given command;


wmicTo Retrieve a brief list of system information about operating system please use the under command;


To retrieve serial number of the computer please use the under given command;

bios get serialnumber

To retrieve model name of the computer please use the under given command

csproduct get name

To retrieve Operating system information please use the under given command;


To retrieve network card information please use the under given command;



Minimum supported client           Windows XP

Minimum supported server          Windows Server 2003

DLL                                                        Wmic.exe

For a complete list of commands that can be issued by using WMIC can be found at under given URL;

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