Analyze svchost service and free up system resources

Windows system runs with some services with same name like svchost and I was very much keen to know that what are they for? I tried to stop them and was successful to stop most of them but was not able to stop all of them. I tried to find some solution to analyze these services and found this marvelous tool to see what is svchost and what is the purpose of this service on a windows system?

svchost viewer takes almost no time and system resources to show a list of all running process or services with the name of svchost. Its really easy to use and there is no need to install this software. Its totally free and you can even get the source code.

SVChost viewer

Its a tiny but very powerful tool to free some very important system resources that can be used in some other application. How and where to get the download link, check the under given link for download. Please share you valuable comments if you like to this software and post.

Download SVCHost Viewer

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