how to use internet on LINUX command line

lynx is probably the best web browser I had ever used. I started using this browser in 2005 and found this thing really handy, fast and efficient. You don’t need to use a mouse and no need to have pictures, just internet and information on the screen. No need to block any website and no need to apply any internet usage policy. I like you guys to read this post to aware yourself with the LINUX command line cool tools. Browsing in Lynx consists of highlighting the chosen link using cursor keys, or having all links on a page numbered and entering the chosen link’s number. Current versions support SSL and many HTML features. Tables are linear (scrunched together one cell after another without tabular structure), while frames are identified by name and can be explored as if they were separate pages. Lynx cannot inherently display various types of non-text content on the web, such as images and video, but it can launch external programs to handle it, such as an image viewer or a video player.

Most of the distributions of LINUX have this tool and can be installed with their respective like few commands are given as under to install it:

Fedora, Red Hat

yum install lynx

Debian, Ubuntu

apt-get install lynx

How to use it?

Its very simple to use. Just type lynx on command line with under given syntax:


and you are done with opening a website and after that use your arrow keys on keyboard and surf the internet with best speed but without videos and images.

For more information about lynx web browser please visit the under given location:

lynx user guide

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