X11 Forwarding for Oracle Installation Error can’t open display

Error while trying to connect remote Linux/Unix Server from Windows Client: Error Description: XCLOCK not working with oracle user can’t open display cannot open display: :0.0 Solution: can’t open display You can face above mentioned errors and most commonly can’t open display when try to connect Linux remote server via windows client during Oracle installation. …

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How to reset Ubuntu root password?

How to reset Ubuntu root password? Ubuntu is a very good variant of Linux family. It comes with great features. The security of this variant is really good. By default the root user of this variant comes with disabled mode. There might another possibility that user might lost his root password. in this way you …

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ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘username’@’%’ (using password: YES)

The above given is a simple error which shows that the user don’t have access to login from the console but this can turn into a nightmare if you were able to login a couple of moments ago and now you are getting this error. After a couple of moment when you enter a command show databases and you only get test database and nothing else, you will certainly knock your head in the wall. but keep calm take a deep breath, think twice and then shutdown the MySQL Server.

Go to /etc/my.cnf

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Ubuntu Shipit Has Been Closed

I shared a news some six months ago that Ubuntu is delivering free CD’s and DVD’s set to any user that contact Ubuntu through www.ubuntu.com/shipit. Many users contacted me and requested to send them a set of CD’s or DVD’s for educational purposes and all the time I suggested everyone to visit the shipit page …

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Windows 7 Theme For Ubuntu

My last post about windows 7 was Ubuntu theme for windows 7 and now I like to share windows 7 theme for ubuntu. Its really amazing to have windows 7 theme, desktop and everything on Linux, Use windows 7 with the power of LINUX. I am pretty sure that everybody will like this change because mostly people like to work on Linux but due to command line everyone go for windows because its user friendly and most common operating system of the world.

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