Save And Manage Your Passwords Online With Mitto Online Password Manager

mitto logoThe Internet has exploded so much that we need to have a zillion different accounts on different Internet services. More and more people get frustrated as they have to remember and protect a lot of login information. This creates the need for password managers. A password manager can save your login information in a secure database. You can retrieve the login information by giving the master password which is used to open that password manager. Without the master password, it is almost impossible to open the password database.

Since our personal computers are vulnerable to malware and virus attacks or even the digital media can fail at any time. This makes the way for online password managers. Online password managers can store your password in their secure data centers which can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

Mitto is an online password manager which is secure as well as easy to use. The sign up process asks for three security questions that will make sure that your account is not hacked and remains secure online. After signup you will be provided with a list of different services which are commonly used by everyone. You can add these services to your Mitto account.


You can add all your accounts in this way. And when you need to login to a particular site, just click the site and then your username in the left hand pane. This will open a new tab and Mitto will automatically login to your desired site.

Mitto also includes a two factor authentication feature like Google and Facebook. This will provide more security to our account on Mitto.

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