Firefox Operating System

If you like to experience true web surfing with a difference you are certainly at the right location. Firefox operating system can given you a pleasure to the web surfer up to a peak level. Firefox operating system also have few very good features like having an app store with it. Its easy, fast power full and really nice way to get online. There is no much effort required to install and configure it on any system and also its not a resource hungry software to require a long list of hardware, It just looks for a 64MB ram and a very few MBs of hard disk space. Not just the web, also access your data and run your favorite native applications. Extend functionality with plug-ins, the only limit is your imagination.

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Open Source Barcode Encoder and Image generator

Barcode generation and encoding was never easy before this fabulous software came into market. Barcode generation and encoding can be very interesting for those who are actually working with payroll, till and super market software’s. It can save a lot of time. Most of the bar code encoder and image generator are very costly like ZEBRA printer and DIMO label printers. Zint is an Open Source barcode encoding and image generating library written entirely in C and released under GPLv3 or later. It is primarily developed for GNU/Linux but is also available for MS Windows and aims to be truly cross-platform.


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You need New Flash Player 11 is a Malware

Flash player is being used in almost every browser of the world so mostly people use this software to view the videos in internet browsers. Now a days there is a malware running on the web to make the systems vulnerable with the name of this Flash Player. The important thing in this malware is …

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Convert Images to Documents Online With Free Google OCR

Google is very famous due to his API’s. It is providing new and excellent features to the users freely. Google has introduced a new free online feature to convert the Images to Documents by just giving a path on an online page and it will convert that image for you in the form of document. …

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Free Desktop Utility To Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook

upload photos FacebookEveryone use facebook and share photos with friends and family using internet explorer, Firefox or Chrome. To perform this task you need to open internet explorer, go to the address bar, enter the address and then sign-in to facebook, after doing this task you have to find your photos link and then upload it. Don’t you think its a long way to upload a simple picture to your Facebook account. Let me share a very handy and free application to upload photos to your Facebook account. It can save lots of precious time including a big effort to use the keyboard and type a lot.

Bloom is a multi platform desktop application that let you upload your photos and videos easily and efficiently to Facebook, download albums and many more. You can upload photos to a new or an existing album, tag them and you can view your friends photos also.

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Add Facebook and Twitter Account in you Gmail

Community websites are rapidly increasing and mostly people like to become member of different communities to explore new ideas and people around the globe. Its a fun as well as educating yourself including stay in touch with your friends and family but there is only one problem that is open all the websites and then sign in, remembrance of more than one users and password to login. This can also waste a lot of precious time.

Now you can add your Facebook, Twitter and many more account in your Gmail account to view updated information by just logging into your Gmail account. Let me share this open secret with your guys by giving few very easy to follow steps;

1. Open your Gmail account

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Labs Tab

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