Copy, Cut and Paste Are Not Working In Excel 2007

Excel 2007 is no doubt, the best product of Microsoft and the features are out of this box. This marvelous application can do a lot of things for you, It can create documentation and proposals along with the calculations. Today I just came across this very strange and annoying problem in Excel 2007. Despite of doing anything, I was not able to revert the settings to make it work like it was working. Copy, cut and paste work in a very fabulous way in excel 2007. A dotted (dashed) line appear when you press copy or cut in excel and you can just paste it anywhere you want by pressing enter. It looks like under given when you copy or cut a single cell or a couple of cells in excel 2007.

excel2007_cut_copy_pasteYou can see a dashed line around column  A and column B. If you are facing the above problem there will be no dotted or dashed line appear if you press copy or cut. Why this issue occur on your system and what’s the solution of this problem. Follow the instructions below to solve this annoying problem.


Just go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and uninstall the Skype Click To Call.


If you are using windows 7, go to Control Panel and then Go to Programs and Features to remove Skype Click To Call.

This can also effect excel 2010 so if you are facing the same issue on Excel 2010 please uninstall Skype Click To Call.