Adobe Illustrator Error 148:3

Adobe Illustrator is no doubt “The Best" product from Adobe, the others are also fantastic products from adobe like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc but I like it Illustrator very much. You can do whatever you like to do with this single application but when this thing start crashing, you gonna feel very unlucky and unhappy because it will crash without giving you any warning and will remain crashing until you fix the problem. Mostly the problems comes from the local system and stay still.

If you are getting the above given error while opening the adobe illustrator document on your system then you are on the right page because I got this error on a business analyst’s system and he did nothing. Suddenly this marvelous application started crashing and remain crashed until I fixed this using the under given method. It’s very easy because you just need to find the reason of this error. The reason behind this error is a service which stopped due to any unseen reasons on the local system.

ai error 1483

  • Go to Services
  • Start the service named “FLEXnet Licensing Service"

That’s it, you are good to go.