Download Free Portable Applications

Portable applications are very handy to use in daily life where you don’t have much time to install and configure ordinary applications. Portable free applications are available across the internet and can be downloaded from different sources. The need of time is to find a single source from where we can download almost all kinds of free portable applications to our USB and use them anywhere in the world without having an internet connection.

Different types of free portable applications are available and its hardly impossible to list down all of them in a single post. Few portable free applications are given as under:

  • putty
  • peazip
  • opera
  • firefox
  • filezilla
  • audacity

From SSH client software to audio applications many more free portable applications can be downloaded and used without any license required. The single big source for free portable applications is given as under:

Free Portable Application

If you know any other free portable application source please share with us.

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