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I have been working in IT department for almost six years and trying many security software’s to protect my computer as well as precious data. Many users home and corporate ask me this question that which one is the best free windows security software because its almost impossible for a single user to buy an expensive security software for a single PC to use at home and even at small business level. Before having a very good experience of windows security essentials I always try to answer that please use avast home edition available for free.

Windows security essentials have a very rich features list and also a very vast experience of windows operating system, how the architecture of windows operating system work and how it will accommodate the security software without using very much system resources? Windows Security essentials is not a resource hungry application that takes most of the system speed and also the precious CPU resources without letting you do anything important in the time of system scanning and securing.

Windows security essentials also offer few very important features like other security software offers but gives you freedom of simple install and uninstall, configure the scanning options with very good and simple interface. Windows Security essentials can also show the history of scanning and all the detected items, quarantined items and also allowed items on the very same screen where you can set all other parameters of the windows security essentials.

Windows security essentials also offers you the membership of Microsoft SpyNet online community for free that helps you choose how to respond to potential threats. Windows security essentials offers you two types of memberships in SpyNet, one is basic membership and other is advanced membership (For more information please visit the Microsoft website and search for window security essentials)

At the end I would like to add few more words about windows security essentials and those are the requirements. There is only and only one requirement to use this marvelous windows security essentials software on your windows machine and that is only having a genuine windows operating system.

Windows Security essentials rocks!!!

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