Gmail: ultimate new features, drag drop attachment and calendar integration

Composing an e-mail now a days is very common and everyone use it. E-mail composing can take a long time if you have to send more than 100 or 200 e-mails for this purpose you need to find an efficient and easy to use solution. Gmail is offering very important and time saving features. Picture attachment is no more a deal to browse and find it in five or six steps. You just need to locate the picture and drag to your email composing screen and you are done with attachments. There are few other very important features that can help you save a lot of precious time and those are integration of your calendar with your Gmail account to manage your tasks and appointments.

gmail drag drop attachment

To use this marvelous features open your Gmail account and go to right upper corner to avail these options. Click on calendar if you like to create events and many more.

gmail calendar