how to reduce Firefox memory leakage

Memory leakage in applications is very common and specially in web applications. To make use of these application efficiently you have to take care of all the aspects that no module of the application leak the memory at any stage otherwise its gonna make your system slow and also the application. If you like to use your Firefox efficiently you also have to take care of the memory usage. Leakage of the memory can be happened due to the usage of extensions being used in Firefox. Under given is a list of extension that leaks the memory causing the Firefox slow down and also the system. See if you recognize anyone of them. You can disable, remove or take care of them so that your Firefox works great.

List of the extensions that cause these problems.

  • IE Tab (memory leak)
  • Session Saver (memory leak)
  • ForecastFox (memory leak)
  • Filterset.G Updater and FlashGot used in conjunction will produce a memory leak
  • FasterFox doesn’t have a memory leak specifically, but it will not help your Firefox performance.
  • Tabbrowser (slows Firefox)
  • FoxyTunes (memory leak)