How To Save Configuration Of A CISCO Router On An FTP Location

I don’t like to make this process very lengthy and full of steps indicating to do many things. Its good to save the configuration of your router to an external FTP server from where you can restore the configuration in just few minutes and can save your precious time finding the things around.

First Login to the router using your SSH login (I assume that you have the root privileges on your router)

  1. The prompt will show something like this ITOPERATIONZ# (Assume ITOPERATIONZ is the name of your router)

  2. Configure the FTP username and password.

    ITOPERATIONZ#config terminal
    ITOPERATIONZ(config)#ip ftp username cisco
    ITOPERATIONZ(config)#ip ftp password cisco123

  3. Copy the configuration to the FTP server.

    ITOPERATIONZ#copy running-config ftp:
    Address or name of remote host []?
    Destination filename [ITOPERATIONZ-confg]? backup_router
    Writing backup_router !
    1030 bytes copied in 3.341 secs (308 bytes/sec)

  4. Open the configuration file with a text editor. Search for and remove any line that starts with "AAA".

    Note: This step is to remove any security commands that can lock you out of the router.

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